Our Mission

Community Bike Works

teaches life lessons through bicycles to the young people of Allentown and the Lehigh Valley who could benefit most. 

Principles & Strategic Priorities


  • We offer high-quality mentoring programs that use bicycles and books to connect youth with adult and peer mentors who can teach them skills that help them succeed. 
  • In order to help students reach their full potential, we offer additional resources and partner with organizations to help strengthen students’ families and the community. 
  • In all we do, we seek to give students and families a meaningful voice in our work. We strive to be an organization of racial and economic justice and equality, not charity.  


We aim to serve more students, more deeply, through high-quality mentoring programs. 

  • Ensure that the programs of Community Bike Works remain effective in delivering the mission of the organization and that our youth have the tools they need to succeed. 
  • Increase the number of students served, while seeking to serve those who could benefit most. 
  • Increase our engagement with participating youth and families, in order to provide them with opportunities for deeper connections to mentors and more avenues to success. 
  • Develop and maintain effective partnerships that allow Bike Works to serve our students and strengthen the community. 
  • Ensure that dedicated and capable staff, board and volunteers are in place. 
  • Strengthen and diversify our funding base. 
  • Implement administrative and facility improvements that increase Bike Works’ effectiveness and ability to serve as a safe place for students. 


  • Offer engaging bike mentoring programs that are effective in providing students with the tools they need to succeed.
  • Increase our engagement with participating youth in order to provide opportunities for deeper connections and more meaningful learning experiences. 


  • Serve 500 or more students each year in Earn a Bike and Junior Earn a Bike. 
  • Maintain Earn a Bike and Junior Earn a Bike completion rates of 75% and 85%, respectively. 
  • Have all students who complete Earn a Bike and Junior Earn a Bike demonstrate bike learning and express satisfaction with their mentoring experience. 
  • Have 30% or more of onsite Earn a Bike students participate in supplemental programming, including Drop-in, Earn a Book, cycling programs, and Youth Leadership. 
  • Have 100% of Youth Leaders graduate from high school with a plan for post-secondary education and community engagement. 

Gratitude Report

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